Responsibility and reach throughout the supply chain

Interview with Enguerrand de Pontevès & Alexandre Menais

Enguerrand de Ponteves

Enguerrand de Pontevès,

Group Chief Procurement Officer, Atos

By embedding our ethical, environmental and social commitments into our procurement policies over the last few years, our forward-looking initiatives have helped us reduce our exposure to risk, reduce costs as well as the impact of our environmental footprint. In 2014 Atos was assessed by EcoVadis on our own corporate and social responsibility performance and we obtained 70/100, improving by 2 points on last year’s score, and qualifying for EcoVadis’ Gold Recognition Level.

Alexandre Menais

Alexandre Menais,

Group General Counsel & Group Chief Compliance Officer, Atos

Our comprehensive approach to data protection is based on the highest standards in this area. Our Group-wide policy, processes, organization and data protection training ensure that we maintain trust and confidence with our employees and our customers.

Key Figures

Total percentage of spend assessed by EcoVadis

Monetary value of significant fines for non-compliance with laws and regulation

Percentage of management employees trained in Code of Ethics

Atos’ personal data rules gain European authorization

For the past few years, personal data has been at the center of discussions as its role as a fuel for the development of the economy has become clearer and clearer. At the same time, concerns have been expressed by stakeholders with regards to the level of protection and security of such data in view of the development or growth of new services (Big Data, Cloud, etc.).

The huge volumes of data now produced present Atos with an opportunity to use its data security expertise to build trust with its clients, its employees and other stakeholders. Applying our Group Data Protection Policy, our procedures for ensuring the policy’s effective application, as well as extensive training and awareness-raising, we maintain the highest standards when it comes to the protection and security of personal data.

In 2014 Atos became the first IT company to obtain approval of its Binding Corporate Rules as a data controller (i.e. for its own data) but also as a processor (i.e. for the processing of its clients data).

Read our press release related to the Binding Corporate Rules

Corporate responsibility embedded in our supply chain

As a service company, a large part of our purchases are concentrated on people-related areas. Indeed, around one third of Atos total spend is devoted to staffing and subcontractors. Although our procurement teams aim to centralize spend and sign global agreements with larger suppliers, 90% of goods and services are delivered at local levels, reducing our impact on the environment.

In line with the Group objectives, Atos procurement favors decarbonized sources of electricity where possible for the needs of Atos’s offices and operations. Several large countries such as France, the United Kingdom and Germany are now supplied with carbon-free energy. Leading by example, some countries such as the Netherlands use biomass to source all their offices and wind energy for the data centers. Atos Global Procurement has also begun to use external consultancies specializing in the purchase of energy in every country where Atos is present.

Our global procurement policies on green travel and smart mobility support our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint. By providing tools and solutions to our employees, they are able to play their part in achieving our energy transition goals, for example through greater collaboration online through our social network platform or by selecting low-carbon travel options, including our electric car sharing scheme, MyCar.

More information on eSourcing and Zero Paper       More information on the Atos Sustainability Supplier Charter

Corporate Citizenship, a core value and practice

Building now for the long term
In 2014, Atos continued to affirm its commitment as a corporate organization to society. In addition to maintaining and creating employment in challenging business and economic contexts, we provided services having a positive impact on the daily lives of citizens and society at large in a variety of sectors including healthcare, education, financial services, waste and resource management, sustainability, and social collaboration.

Focus on women employability / social entrepreneurship
Atos is building an information hub for social entrepreneurs, within the Pro Bono Program coordinated with the global law firm DLA Piper.
Atos was very supportive during the on-going discussions to both DLA Piper and UnLtd in the early stages of the creation of the legal help sheets for social entrepreneurs. Atos participants have been truly wonderful in providing direct support to UnLtd to scope out an online platform for the legal help sheets to sit on and subsequently an APP which is now in its developmental design stage. Julie Nicholson, UnLtd.

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