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The pressure is on for cities to grow and develop. To compete, they need to ensure quality of life for their citizens, while becoming as efficient and modern as possible. This requires a new partnership between citizens, government and business – and new technology-driven services that ensure seamless, safe, productive and rewarding ways to live and work.


To get this requires a new vision of city services, supported by an expert IT partner who knows how to use technology to give people what they need and want from their cities now.


MyCity from Atos is a range of solutions, guided by deep understanding and strategic insight, which enables governments and empowers citizens to work together.


In eight key areas, we use MyCity solutions to:

  • Create new services that enable citizens to access services when and how they want – reducing service costs and increasing productivity
  • Deliver immediate service improvements that increase citizen satisfaction
  • Achieve long-term improvement that transforms the city both in terms of efficient services and more rewarding experiences for people

We’re doing it right now in cities as diverse as Cincinnati and Madrid. Find out how we can do it for you.


To discover how new services for citizens and city governments can be developed and connected, explore the interactive model below.

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