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Optimize your Data Center environment

In today’s connected global marketplace, with the explosion in data showing signs of continuing, and with the advent of Big Data, Data Centers are more important to enterprises than ever.


And now, with every decision or aspect of production based on real-time information, around the clock, any downtime — planned or unplanned — can seriously disrupt critical business processes and affect the enterprise as a whole. Furthermore, new regulations are requiring organizations to store larger quantities of data for longer periods of time, and environmental concerns mean that Data Centers are under increasing pressure both to reduce their carbon footprint and to dispose of old equipment in a safe and eco-friendly manner. As businesses become increasingly dependent on information technology, IT agility, service quality and spending are now directly correlated to business imperatives such as revenue, productivity, and reputation. So to meet these evolving demands, data centers must strive to achieve near continuous availability, increase their capacity and efficiency, and become ever greener.


Atos’ Integrated Data Center services answer the challenges of:


  • Business dependency on information technology. As IT agility, service quality, and spending are now directly correlated to business imperatives such as revenue, productivity, and reputation, this drives the need for datacenter transformation
  • Providing solutions that enable CIOs and Data Center managers to have a holistic view of their entire Data Center, including linking IT and point solutions for managing energy, cooling and facilities
  • High quality and cost-effective outsourcing, applicable to a wide range of environments requiring comprehensive, consistent and integrated end-to-end management
  • Industry need for low-maintenance, fast deployable, temporary infrastructure, highly reliable and flexible IT facilities at remote sites

Data Center services

Data Center Services that drive energy and capacity efficiency


Data Center services are all activities for the ‘Design, Build, Improvement and Management’ of IT and Data Center on the premises of the customer. Here Atos’ expertise lies in the system integration and systems management aspects of the IT infrastructure. Atos’ integrated Data Center services cover four key areas:


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