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Showing Leadership in Corporate Responsibility


“Our ambition is to be recognized as the preferred responsible European IT company with a global reach, providing support to our customers as they reinvent their growth models in challenging economic periods.”
Thierry Breton, Chairman and CEO.




In 2013, Atos continued to build extensively on the very solid foundations of the previous years. Since our last report, the sustainability agenda has moved forward. The economic crisis has forced our clients to rethink their business models and reconsider their actions.


By embracing sustainability as part of a company’s core business, clients are able to overcome this perfect storm of economic, social and environmental turbulence. Our corporate responsibility is part of our three-year plan Ambition 2016 strategy of the Group and is focused on three objectives. First, we want to reinforce our leadership in the field of IT for sustainability. Secondly, we are embedding corporate responsibility at the core of our Business and processes making sustainability part of our DNA. The third pillar is to continuously identify the challenges we face, establish priorities and measure our performance.


Keeping the Global Reporting Initiative A+ certification for the third year in a row is a very important achievement. In 2013 we entered the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World, demonstrating our corporate responsibility leadership worldwide. In line with our mission to become a Zero Carbon company, Atos also entered the Carbon Disclosure Project index. In addition, the Great Place to Work surveys have resulted in awards to three Atos geographies: Austria, Poland and Turkey. Our talent programs have also won awards. Achieving this involved a tremendous amount of effort during 2013.


Operationally, we have a strong portfolio of green IT offerings and we have enhanced our dialogue with key stakeholders, including a full ecosystem of partners and alliances that help us to improve our approaches to sustainability. For example, in partnership with SAP, we were one of the first companies to deploy tools to measure sustainability performance and intelligent sustainability reporting for our customers. Atos was also the first IT services company to offer its customers carbon neutral data center services. In particular, our strategic alliance with Siemens has meant that we can apply our own knowledge and experience of operating data centers to help our managed services customers decrease their carbon footprint, managing the data center infrastructure to make energy savings.


Internally, our Wellbeing@work program continues to transform our company, setting new standards for our workplaces and the way we collaborate. Using blueKiwi is completely changing the way people at Atos work. At the end of 2013, there were over 5,000 active communities on blueKiwi at Atos and the number of internal emails have decreased by 60% since 2011 and global collaboration has improved by 20 times. That’s a good indication of how committed our employees are to the transformation of the workplace at Atos. BlueKiwi is reinventing the way we work at Atos – and it can also transform the workplaces of our customers.


Regarding the environmental strategy, we are, historically, the first global IT provider to offer a fully integrated carbon neutral hosting services through our Ambition Zero Carbon program. Atos aims to take action to reduce carbon emissions as part of its global corporate strategy through measurement, reduction, reporting and using offsetting tools and decarbonized energy sources. This program is expected to reduce the carbon footprint of Atos by 50% by 2015 (2012 baseline). Based on our own ambitious journey, many companies are now turning to us for consulting and solutions so that they become Firms of the Future themselves and move towards doing sustainable business at the same time as reducing costs and improve efficiency.

Firm of the Future


The Firm of the Future is a Business Inspired by Nature, functioning like an adaptive living organism, thriving within ever-changing business and socio-economic systems, resilient to disruptions and interdependent within the largest ecosystem of all - Earth.

We have entered the Decade of Transformation and transformational times call for transformational changes. Businesses that wish to survive and thrive through these volatile times must transform themselves from a Firm of the Past to a Firm of the Future.

The Firm of the Future brings the values of sustainability to its core and, in doing so, generates value for itself, its communities and the ecosystems in which it operates.

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