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“By embracing sustainability as part of a company’s core business clients are able to overcome this perfect storm of economic, social and environmental turbulence.”
Thierry Breton, Chairman and CEO.


In 2012, Atos continued to build extensively on the very solid foundations of the previous years. Since our last report, the sustainability agenda has moved forward. The economic crisis has forced our clients to rethink their business models and reconsider their actions.


By embracing sustainability as part of a company’s core business, clients are able to overcome this perfect storm of economic, social and environmental turbulence. Embedding sustainability in the heart of a company has proven to make sound economic sense.


We are the only IT group to be GRI A+ certified and part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Index. Achieving this involved a tremendous amount of effort during 2012, especially as we were committed to an ambitious integration program following our merger with Siemens IT Solutions and Services in 2011.


Operationally, we have a strong portfolio of green IT offerings and we have enhanced our dialogue with key stakeholders, including a full ecosystem of partners and alliances who help us to improve our approaches to sustainability. We developed particular partnerships with SAP to develop our Intelligent Sustainability reporting tool and with AOS Studley, with whom we now offer our Smart Campus concept


Internally, our Wellbeing@work program continues to transform our company, setting new standards for our workplaces and the way we collaborate with one another. 24 Atos countries and Geographical Business units have been participating in the Great Place to Work survey, involving over 41,081 employees worldwide, and resulting in Atos Poland being recognized as one of the top three employers in Poland.


Furthermore, to support our Zero emailTM ambition we acquired blueKiwi, the European leader in enterprise social networks, to develop our own social business network and encourage a more efficient and collaborative way of working


Regarding the environmental strategy, we are the first global IT provider to offer a fully integrated carbon neutral hosting services through our Ambition Zero Carbon program. Based on our own ambitious journey towards transforming our workplace and our activities so that they become more sustainable, many companies are now turning to us for consulting and solutions so that they become Firms of the Future themselves and move towards doing sustainable business at the same time as reducing costs and improve efficiency.


Firm of the Future

The Firm of the Future is a Business Inspired by Nature, functioning like an adaptive living organism, thriving within ever-changing business and socio-economic systems, resilient to disruptions and interdependent within the largest ecosystem of all - Earth.

We have entered the Decade of Transformation and transformational times call for transformational changes. Businesses that wish to survive and thrive through these volatile times must transform themselves from a Firm of the Past to a Firm of the Future.

The Firm of the Future brings the values of sustainability to its core and, in doing so, generates value for itself, its communities and the ecosystems in which it operates.


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Sustainability: it’s the only way to make the cities we all want

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