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Mobile Payments have already been a topic of interest for some time (Gartner announced money transfer and Mobile Payments to be one of the top 10 consumer mobile applications for 2012). Mobile Payment is not about printing money or inventing a new currency, but about a customer or merchant (or both) using a mobile device during the payment transaction.


Mobile Payments open possibilities and facilitate innovative breakthroughs because they use all the features of a mobile device, including screen, keyboard, communication and other sensors. There are many startups today that are inventing new payment experiences using an iPad as the POS, using the camera to automatically scan credit card information, using Bluetooth to communicate between a customer’s phone and the POS, and more.


In the future mobile devices will act as eWallets. Nanopayments are already being made mostly through mobile devices, but as potential security issues are solved and smartphones become more widespread, larger transactions will also be carried out via mobile devices, eliminating not only the need for cash, but also credit cards.


This White Paper from Atos’ Scientific Community looks at the scope, technology context, and the business challenges and opportunities of mobiles payments, as well as giving an overview of Atos’ initiatives and projects around Mobile Payment with indications about future trends.


Download the Ascent White Paper: Advanced Mobile Payment.

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