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Ascent Journey 2016 is a unique and comprehensive document where Atos’ Scientific Community presents its predictions and vision for the technology that will shape business through to 2016.

It builds on Journey 2014 – Simplicity with Control and is enriched by the new challenges which have now emerged in reshaping both society and business alike.

Our research suggests that the convergence of key issues affecting Demographics, Globalization and Economic Sustainability, underpinned by Trust, will see a new way of working emerge in which traditional barriers no longer exist, but where security and privacy are more important than ever.

We refer to this new paradigm as “Enterprise without Boundaries” – the enterprise is still there but the old boundaries have moved or disappeared altogether.

The journey to a world of enterprises without boundaries will require further openness in how we live, work and interact. There are clear examples of how new relationships built on trust are changing how we behave both in and out of work:

  • The growth in trust between organisations that lead to Open Innovation will outdate the patent wars of 2012 and mean that companies learn to share skills to counter rising research costs and shorter product life-cycles. The growth of Generation-Y in the workforce will speed the adoption as they have grown up sharing across social networks.
  • The trust of consumers to divulge ever more personal information in the digital world, the increase in sensor data and the strong push to store all generated digital or digitized data, will lead to a Total Data economy where Pattern Recognition Strategies and Data Analytics will enable organisations of all sizes to improve their services and better predict future needs and opportunities.
  • The trust between consumers and business to share information in return for better services will lead to the emergence of an Economy of Internet Applications based on products being available without cash payment benefitting both parties.
  • The growing trust of consumers to make payments for books, games and magazines over mobiles and tablets evolving into a total acceptance of cashless payments in traditional stores and retail outlets bringing the Zero Cash Society ever closer.

A digital world based on trust and mutually beneficial relationships will create the new services and business models needed to climb out of recession but will require careful brokering and management.


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"At Atos, we believe that we can power progress for the good of our clients, their customers and the wider society through our role as Business Technologists. I'm sure that you will find Ascent Journey 2016 the ideal guide to better understand the business challenges we have in front of us, and be prepared for the world in 2016"
Thierry Breton, Chairman and CEO, Atos


Previous Research

In 2010, Atos published "Journey 2014 - Simplicity with Control" to present his five-year view of 10 key challenges identified for the IT industry and the organizations.
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