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Delivering the Technology for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

As Worldwide IT Partner of the International Olympic Committee, Atos worked closely with the 2012 London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) to bring together some of the leading technology partners – each of them experts within their own field – and create a master plan for the technology to support the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The team rapidly grew from a handful of people to over 3,500 experts and involved some 220,000 hours of robust testing to ensure that everything was ready to deliver the IT for the World’s largest sports spectacle.

It was the largest and most sophisticated sports IT project of all time, with the team setting a range of new benchmarks for future Games, including:

  • Providing the IT systems that processed and activated more than 250,000 accreditations for the Olympic family
  • Supporting 35 competition venues with complete IT infrastructure to ensure the events could take place as scheduled
  • Processing over 30 percent more competition data than ever before for media and news agencies worldwide 
  • Sending real-time results and data from all 26 Olympic sports to worldwide broadcasters.  This was delivered via Atos’ Commentator Information System (CIS)
  • Providing competition, schedule, weather, transport and other essential information to all 14,700 athletes – delivered via the Atos Info+  and myInfo+ systems
  • Enabling up to 900 stories to be published in English by the Olympic News Service each day since the Opening Ceremony

For the first time critical key processes for the London 2012 Games were Zero email certified. Instead the technology team used collaboration tools to manage monitor and share information about the main critical processes of the operations.



Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee, said: “With the support of Atos, the London 2012 Olympic Games IT system was successfully designed, built and operated so that the competition results could be viewed and read by more people than ever before.”

“Atos is the brains behind the IT operations for the Olympic Games, consistently delivering on schedule and within budget. The IOC look forward to working with Atos as we look ahead to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games and Rio 2016 Olympic Games.”

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Technical Roadmap

Technical Roadmap

Atos is the brains behind the technology operations for the Olympic Games, consistently delivering high-quality services on schedule. The timeline represents the world’s largest sports related IT contract.



Atos has supported the Olympic Games since 2001 and the Olympic Movement relies on Atos to deliver flawless IT operations Watch Worldwide IT Partner video >>

Atos completes delivery of key IT systems for London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games >>

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